Walks Boost Creativity

Stanford researchers looked into how walking in nature can boost creative inspiration. They compared the creativity levels of people who walked and people who chose to just sit. Results showed an increase of 60 percent in the creativity of those who took to walking.

Many successful and creative people are known for their meetings that are held on foot. The two most well-known businessmen are Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Studies have found anmaxresdefault-1024x576 explanation for these creativity boosts that result through walking. It appears that aerobic exercises, walking on a treadmill or in nature significantly increase their ingenuity. Almost 200 people have completed tasks after they were made to face the above conditions, both in sitting and walking situations. Divergent thinking, a method of generating creative ideas was tested right after these sessions. The participants in the walking study showed to be more creative in their answers. The ones who took a walk outside in nature gave more high quality answers than their analogue colleagues who were sitting.

Walking benefits creative brainstorming and this is good for generating out of the box ideas. It helps develop a divergent creative thinking, rather than convergent and focused ideas. It means that walking in nature is good for the inception of a project, for that extra boost in the idea generator.

Researchers are also trying to find the link between the physical action and its influence on the brain activity. This study is still in its inception, but scientists already know that sitting too often, or for longer periods are extremely unhealthy. This study is trying to justify the introduction of more physical activities into the daily activities of children at school or in the daily workflow at the office. The idea is that one day, people will become more and more acquainted with the benefits they receive from nature, walking and exercising.