Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of time spent close to nature. Even if it is about an hour spent in the park, half a day in your backyard, a weekend of trekking or a week long camping, the time spent with nature has a positive impact on your life.

Read in ‘Hiking Boosts Brainpower’ about how researchers have proven that backpacking can make you smarter.

‘The doctors prescribe it’ section shows that hiking or taking a walk in the woods relieves your brain from obsessive and negative thinking, and fills you with positive energy.

Researchers have proven that children suffering from ADD or ADHD extend their focus to solve their tasks without wandering sround after they have spent their energy in natural environments.

If you do work in a creative industry or looking to find out of the box solutions, check the ‘Walking Boosts Creativity’ section. There you will read about successful people, such as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which holds its meeting on foot.

Nature will help boost your recovery cycle and help with lowering stress, anxiety and depression level only with daily small walks.

For those that want to spend some quality time with their children, there is a page dedicated to such activities and adventures.

If you do decide to take on the nature’s call, you have the opportunity to read some useful tips and tricks about finding a camping location, what to take with you, how to dress and which is the ideal place for setting up the tent on the ‘Get Ready for a Camp’ and ‘More Camping Essentials’ pages.