Green Space Therapy Improves ADHD

The hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a common attention deficit disorder found in children. Specialists have revealed that time spent in nature or green time, reduces significantly the inattentiveness in children suffering from this disorder. Many parents have also noticed that children who expend energy ou1422654110993tside helps them focus more on the tasks at hand, being able to sit and solve the exercises without wondering around or looking at the window.

Humans have two types of attention: involuntary attention which is effortless and direct attention used in the daily tasks such as completing homework or driving a car. Children with ADHD have a hard time using the direct attention. The reserves that they have are smaller so it is consumed faster. Researchers at the University of Ilinois advise parents to give their ADHD children nature breaks from the tasks that demand their attention. The elements that surround children in natural environments such as bird nests, trees, colorful flowers or beautiful foliage draw and keep their attention for a longer time span. It also helps them recover from the fatigue caused by struggling to remain focused on a certain task. A walk in the park or playing football is the kind of break that will make a difference.

Surveys on more than 400 families with ADD or ADHD children revealed less inattentiveness after participating in different activities in natural environments. Additionally, similar studies have compared the attention span of children that took a 20 minute walk in the park and a similar walk in a residential neighborhood or downtown area. Each child was tested after taking a walk, either in nature, downtown area or residential neighborhood. The performance of children that took the walk in natural environment was significantly higher than of those who took the walk in an urban space.