Doctors Prescribe It

Hiking is not only good for your body and mind, but also for your soul. The peaceful atmosphere of nature will flow through you in a similar way that the sunshine flows through the leaves of a tree. Winds will breath freshness into you, storm will fill you with energy, while your troubles will fade away as autumfrench-italian-alps-walking-hiking-tourn leaves drop from the trees.

Doctors agree that walking through the woods, observing the birds and foliage, smelling the aroma of the pine trees, listening to the sounds of the forest and the songs of the birds clears the mind and provides an overall good feeling to both mind and body. Many studies have revealed that regular walk in nature is good for the mental and physical health of the body.

People who focus a lot on negative thoughts, or tend to repetitively think about situations and factors with negative consequences and causes, go through negative emotional experiences and often show signs of anxiety and depression that further leads to food and sleep disorders. Recent studies have shown that after a little time spend in nature; individuals that used to ruminate show a decrease in their obsessive and negative thinking. The study compared individuals that have hiked for 90 minutes in a natural environment and in an urban environment. The ones that walked in natural grassland reported lower levels of negative thinking and rumination, visible in the neural activity of the prefrontal cortex. The ones walking in an urban environment didn’t report the same benefits.

Other studies have shown that the increase in urban spaces is directly linked with mental illnesses and depression. The advantages of spending a little time in a natural environment are very advantageous for the overall health of a person, because it is filled with less mental stressors, fewer distractions and less noise. Getting yourself disconnected from urban spaces and reconnecting with the nature will help in keeping a healthy body, mind and soul.