Children Activities in Nature

If you have some free time or you find yourself in between two appointments, you can spend some quality time with your child. You don’t have to travel hu6a0147e1d4f40f970b017d427884b2970cndreds of kilometers to enjoy the benefits of nature, you can do it in your back yard, the park of the city or the nearby green belt. You will be amazed by the variety of insects, plants or animals you might find.

You can pack a magnifying glass in the bag. It will definitely change the perception of your child for nature. Toddlers, kindergarten kids or school going kids like to observe the amazing details on flowers, leaves, shells or insects. In your courtyard, you can designate a special place where children can dig holes and play with their shovels and buckets without destroying freshly planted flower beds.

Also, if you just sit or lay on the grass, after a few moments you will start focusing on the sounds of the nature, birds and other wildlife that will approach you easily and might even come close. Just sitting near a bird feeder is great for observing and analyzing birds.

If you would like to entertain your children for a longer period of time, you can plan a nature scavenger hunt. They love the idea of treasure hunt and exploring the surroundings in a new way. For unleashing the artist in your child, you can create ephemeral art works with flowers, stones, leaves or dirt. For the posterity, use a camera to capture the moment.

To provoke your child even more, you can make him or her look for data in the nature and analyze it, like a true scientist. You can make your own or download nature forms that will help them observe different elements of nature. At the end of the day, both you and your child will be happier and more stress free, but also have something to think about.